Small Group Questions


1. Don’t mock God. You might die.


In what ways do we, as individuals, sometimes, inadvertently, mock God?

How might we as a church sometimes inadvertently mock God?

How should we respond to those in our world who openly mock God?


2. How to bring you problems to God 101.


King Hezekiah was upset by the news he was given. One of first things he did was to go strait to God. (2 Kings 19:1) What is your first instinct to do when you have a big problem?

Share a time when you were going through something difficult and God’s peace came to you as you spent time with Him. HOW do you spend time with God?

What are some typical challenges we face that seem bigger when we keep them to ourselves?

What practical strategies can you put in place so that you can surround  yourself with other believers to support you with problems that you face?


3. God is way huger than your problems. 

Share some very real challenges you face today.

Read the following verses. Isaiah 41:10, James 4:7, Philippians 4:19, Psalm 23:4.

Do these promises help to “shrink” the size of your challenges.

What are some other promises in scripture that have helped you in the past?

Why do we so often forget: 1) how big God is, 2) how completely in control He is and 3) how much He loves us and is interested in helping us?