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Our purpose as Grace Youth Group is to develop an embracing environment for all students to be welcomed in, an exciting atmosphere for all students to have fun and to develop deep relationships encouraging students towards the love and grace of Jesus Christ. In light of COVID-19 this does not change.



However, due to COVID-19 Grace Youth Group will be making some changes. These main changes do not affect our mission or vision, but make a difference to our structure. We will be moving to a Small Group focused ministry. This means that we will be having small groups 3 out of the four weeks of a month. The reason for this change is because we believe that in this time, where real relationships are hard to experience, this will be a necessary way for our students to experience the Jesus-centred relationships they so desperately need. These small groups will have three distant elements to them, (1) the activity, (2) the teaching, and (3) the discussion. It is important to note that there will be a high attention to social distancing at these events and that the location and activity will be subject to change determined by what the small group leader finds beneficial and safe for the whole group.

Once a month we will be having our Campus Nights. This is what we knew as a traditional youth night. We believe that it is crucial that our students experience the communal fellowship of the other students in our ministry. Similar to a small group night, the Campus Night has three distinct elements (1) the activity, (2) the teaching, (3) small group discussion. It is important to note again that there will be a high attention to social distancing at these events.



It is the core of Grace Youth Group that we have an embracing environment for all students, regardless of what kinds of situations they are coming from. This means that it is a high priority that we create a safe environment for our students. Scroll further below for our COVID-19 Safety Policy.

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