Ministry Description:

We serve as representatives for Global Outreach Mission Inc. in Western Canada contacting many individuals by phone, email, texts, and personal visits. We intentionally seek to encourage and challenge people in their lives.

We also help facilitate a number of overseas projects such as the Costa Rican outreach, a Belize dental and outreach clinic, Jamaica Christian film ministry to schools and other venues, the Ahoban radio ministry outreach for impoverished SE Asian people, the Father's Heart project in Brazil which seeks to rescue indigenous children at risk of infanticide,etc.

At our home base, we are involved in people care including discipleship, mentoring, and helping with practical needs, serving as God brings individuals across our path.

Mission Organization:

Global Outreach Mission Inc.

Contact Information:

Phone: 403.285.9763

Email address: [email protected]

Mailing address:

Jerry & Connie
4 Castlebury Court NE
Calgary, AB


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