Tour Through Exodus

This Sunday was our kick-off into the fall and many exciting things happened.

As the kids left the service, they were joined by several "tourists" who were going to a meeting. They were all led by a tourguide who introduced herself as Amelia Jones. In a few weeks, she'll be taking all of them on an exciting trip through Ancient Egypt, where they will follow the story of Exodus.

Amelia explained that before they could go on the trip, everyone would need certain things, such as passports. Sherry, who will be traveling with everyone to teach, explained that this is like us with God. God is like our tourguide through life. Passports are very important because they tell people who we are and who we belong too, which is very important to know in real life too. 

Amelia noticed someone at the edge of the group who wasn't actually signed up for the tour. He wanted to go on the trip and hang out with everyone, but didn't want to sign up. He wanted to be able to do his own thing if he wanted to, but Amelia said he couldn't go on the trip with them if he wasn't signed up. Sherry explained that this is like our life with God. God has all these adventures for us, but we can't go on them if we don't submit to God and listen to Him. The fellow then decided to sign up for the tour.

Another tourist started to panic because she didn't know what to expect on the trip. Amelia calmed her down, explaining that she had led this tour many times and knows the places and language. The tourists have to trust Amelia and she will take care of them. Sherry then came back and explained how this is also like God. He already knows everything that's going to come our way and we don't have to be afraid, because He's taking care of us. We just have to trust Him. One last tourist came up to Amelia with a problem; he had no suitcase. She told him not to worry, as it was her job to take care of all of them and this meant providing for them. They all need a lot of things for this trip but Amelia is taking care of it all and giving them what they need. This is just like God. We will need a lot of different things in our life and it's up to God to take care of us and provide for us. 

 The adventure continues next week!