Psalm 90

 This week was our last week in the Psalms. After a fun warm up game with the kids, we were introduced to Lucy and her friend, Carl the Camel. Lucy was trying to teach Carl all about Psalm 90, but she got very confused and thought it was about an angry giraffe. Sherry came in and explained what the psalm is really about, and to help explain, Lucy and Carl got to watch some skits. 

 In the first few skits, we saw various kids who needed help from their dad. When they wanted to eat breakfast, they needed help getting the bowls and the milk. One girl was all ready to go back to school but forgot to make her lunch, so her dad made her a lunch just before the school bus got there. In each skit, the kids needed help from their dad, and we are just like that with God. We need him to help us with everything and He loves to help us. 

 Sometimes though, we think that we need to do a bunch of things to make God happy so that He'll want to help us. We saw that in the new few skits, where one day, a mommy came home and played happily with her daughter, because she loved her daughter and just liked spending time with her. But the next day, the daughter tried to do a lot of different things to make the mommy want to spend time with her, which just ended in a giant mess. When we try to do things on our own to make God happy, it always ends in a big mess. God loves us and wants to help us and spend time with us.