Psalm 136

 This Sunday, after a three week break, we got back into things. We looked at Psalm 136, which talks about God's love enduring forever. The entire morning was a long, multi-part skit. The skit started with the heart doctor and his nurse getting ready for their day. A patient came in, complaining about everything in her life, talking to the nurse and not the doctor, whom she couldn't see. At the directions of the doctor, the nurse took the patient on a journey through the Bible to see God's great love.

 They first came to a scene of Israelites who were worshipping kings and idols. Because God loved His people, He destroyed the idols and took down the evil kings. He saved them from themselves. The patient didn't really understand though, so the nurse took her further back, to when God was about to make people. God talked to his angels about how excited He was to make people. He loved them so much already and made a place for them to live, with great wisdom. 

 The patient started to understand but wasn't quite sure. She went to another story with the nurse and saw how God sent Moses to bring out the Israelites from Egypt. God led Moses the whole time and took care of the Israelites the entire way. He kept them safe from the Egyptians and led them through the Red Sea, because He loved them so much.

 The patient finally understood that God loves her and always will. She'd been self-centered and wasn't focused on God. God loves us and we have so much to be thankful for. When we focus on what's wrong in our lives or what we don't have, we get discontent and stop seeing God's love and goodness. The key to seeing and understanding God's love is to constantly give thanks.  Giving thanks puts our focus on Him and allows us to understand His movement in us and around us.