Exodus Chapters 9 and 10

 Many things happened in Egypt. Amelia and the group watched as Moses, over and over, went to see Pharaoh and ask him to let the Israelites go. But Pharaoh continued to harden his heart, so God caused all of the Egyptians livestock to die, while the livestock of the Isralites was kept safe. Then the Egyptians were covered in boils. Pharaoh begged God to stop the plague, and he would let the Israelites go. But after the Egyptians were healed, Pharaoh once again changed his mind. So God sent devestating hail that destrioyed all the crops of the Egyptians. But the Israelites were kept safe. God does all of this so that He may be seen.

 God can stop any situation, at any time that he wants to. But sometimes God lets situations happen because we'll get to see how great He is in the situation. Life isn't about us but about God and who He is. 

 God then sent a swarm of locusts to finish off the new crops that had grown after the hail. Pharaoh's advisers begged him to let the Israelites go, because their country was destroyed. But Pharaoh was full of pride and wouldn't listen to anyone. He refused to humble himself and his pride affected his entire country. God then sent a plague of utter darkness, for three days, over the land of Egypt, while the land of Goshen still had light. 

 God goes to war against pride and Pharaoh was full of pride. Pride gets in the way of what God wants to do and God works in us to sharpen pride away. God has one last plague in store for Pharaoh now.