Exodus Chapter 16

This week the tour group followed the Israelites as they continued through the desert.  As they needed food, they saw God's provision of manna every morning and quail every evening.  The Israelites weren't allowed to save any manna for the next day. They had to trust that God would provide for them every day.  Any manna that was saved would be full of maggots.  The day before the sabbath was the only exception. The people were instructed to gather extra food and save it over for the sabbath.  

The Israelites couldn't trust in their own ability to provide for themselves. They had to trust that God was their provider and would provide for them every day.  The same is true for us.  We can't trust in our own might to provide for our daily needs.  Jesus is what we need every day.  We need to go to Him and receive everything we need every day.  He is our bread of life.  He is the One to satisfy our souls and we need to 'feast' on Him every day.