Exodus Chapter 15

 Amelia and the tour group traveled for three days with the Israelites through the desert. At first, the Israelites were praising God for what He had done at the Red Sea and for everything God had done for them in Egypt but after walking for so long, they started to complain and whine at God. Finally, they got to a lake called Marah and were very excited to drink. But the water was bitter, which made it undrinkable! The Israelites were devastated and grew angry at God, accusing Him of leading them out to the desert to die of thirst. Moses silenced them and God told Moses to put a log into the water and when he did, God healed the waters and made them sweet. 

 Amelia and the tour group discussed what they had just seen. Amelia and the Professor explained that this story was a foreshadowing of Jesus. The wood healed the water, which was foreshadowing of Jesus dying on the wooden cross, which would let us be healed from our sins. 

The Israelites were praising God for what He did but they forgot about who He was. When we love God for what He does and not who He is, we get angry when He doesn't do what we want.  When we love God for who He is, we are confident of His help and presence in all situations whether we like those situations or not.  When we remember His character, we can confidently stand in all situations knowing He is everything we need.