Exodus Chapter 14

 We finally rejoined the Israelites this Sunday, meeting up with them at the edge of the Red Sea. Everyone started to set up camp, because the Pillar of Cloud had stopped, but Moses told them to wait. Just then, an Israelite ran in to tell everyone that the Egyptian army was right behind them! Everyone started to panic and some Israelites got angry at Moses for bringing them out to the desert to die. Finally, Moses silenced them and told them to wait and see what God would do. Then God told Moses to put his staff in the water, which he did and the Red Sea parted, leaving a dry path for them to walk through. After they had crossed, God let the Egyptians through but He let the Red Sea come crashing down on them before they reached the other side.

 The tour group then had a chance to set up camp, a little ways away from the Israelites. Jackson and Casey the movie star were in charge of setting up tents, but Amelia told them to come ask her for help if they needed to. Casey and Jackson started to set up the tent but then decided to set up a fire inside the tent, to stay warm. This led to the tent catching fire. Instead of getting Amelia, Casey and Jackson decided to try and fix the situation by throwing oil on the fire. This only made things worse but thankfully, Amelia came in and managed to put the fire out. 

 Amelia explained that they had acted just like the Israelites, panicking when something went wrong. Jackson and Casey should have gone to Amelia for help instead of trying to fix things themselves. And in life, when things go wrong, we're supposed to go to God and wait and see what He does, instead of trying to fix things ourselves. It's God's job to take care of us, not ours.