Exodus Chapter 11 and 12

 The tour group had been told that they couldn't stay in Egypt tonight, because God was bringing His final plague. So the tour group found themselves in the home of Miriam, Moses' sister. She and her daughter were preparing a meal and waiting for Moses and Aaron, adamant that no one leave the house. Miriam's daughter kept trying to take off her cloak and shawl but Miriam said that everyone must keep their shoes and cloaks on, because God said they must be ready to leave at any moment.

 Aaron and Moses came in and said that tonight was a very special night for the Israelites. God had given Moses special instructions about the meal; there could be no leaven in the bread, because leaven makes the bread rise but takes a long time to do so, and they had no time to wait tonight. And they would roast the spotless lamb that they'd picked out two weeks ago. Aaron put some of the blood of the lamb on the door post, as God had instructed. The blood would keep anyone in the house safe from the final plague. 

 While Miriam worked on the meal, her daughter and nephew packed everything up and put the bags by the door. Earlier, they had gone out, as God had instructed, and asked the Egptians for riches. The Egyptians gave everything to them, gold, silver and fine cloths, wanting to be rid of the Israelites. 

 After the meal, the final plague appeared: the angel of death. He went out among all the houses but didn't go inside when he saw the blood of the lamb on the door. But for any houses that didn't have blood on the door, the firstborn son died, from the richest man to the poorest, and every first born male animal too. Finally, an Egyptian servant came from Pharaoh's palace and told Moses to take his people and all of their things and get out of Egypt. Pharaoh lost his son and wanted nothing more to do with the Israelites. Overjoyed, the Isralites grabbed their bags and left. 

 There was a lot of symbolism in the story, and foreshadowing of Jesus and what He would do later. For one, leaven always represents sin in the Bible, and they couldn't have any leaven in their house. The spotless lamb foreshadows Jesus and Jesus' blood covers us and protects us from death. And now God is leading His people out of slavery, into freedom.