Exodus 17 Part 1

 This week, we talked about taunting and how we sometimes taunt God. We saw the Israelites get to a new location and once again, they started to complain about the lack of water. They started to say that God just didn't love them and was going to let them die out there in the desert. Clearly, this was ridiculous and they knew better but they were taunting God, to make Him do what they wanted Him to do. Moses talked to God and God told Moses to strike the rock. Moses did and water came out of it. God didn't do this because the Israelites had taunted Him; He did it because He loves the Israelites and it's His job to provide for them.


Through the other skits and object lessons we explored how we do the same thing.  Faith will trust God and trust the He is in charge and will completely care for us.  When we taunt God, we aren't exercising faith.  We're trying to get God to do what we want. We're trying to be in charge of God.  He tells us not to do this, not because He can't handle it, but because He calls us to live a life of faith.  We are called to rest in who God is, fully assured that He will never fail us.