Childrens Ministry

Childrens Ministry

Childrens Ministry plays an important role at Grace Church. 

Children are dismissed part way through the Sunday service.  They are treated to a time of learning Bible stories through music and drama. 


Our family Ministries program is targeted at two age groups:


Infant to age three - available all year

Children's Church:

Age 3 to Grade 5 - available all year


Day Camps

Throughout the year special events are held where the children enjoy drama, music, games and crafts with the gospel message presented. Take a look at our various camps!

Professional Development Day Camps

Spring Break Camp Week

Summer Camp Week


Upcoming Events

Children's Church and Child Care

Sunday, February 25, 2018 & other dates


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Exodus Chapter 16

This week the tour group followed the Israelites as they continued through the desert.  As they needed food, they saw God's provision of manna every morning and quail every evening.  The Israelites weren't allowed... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 15

 Amelia and the tour group traveled for three days with the Israelites through the desert. At first, the Israelites were praising God for what He had done at the Red Sea and for everything God had done for them in... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 14

 We finally rejoined the Israelites this Sunday, meeting up with them at the edge of the Red Sea. Everyone started to set up camp, because the Pillar of Cloud had stopped, but Moses told them to wait. Just then, an... Read More

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Kingdom of Serving Hearts Part 2 and 3

 After Sir Jeffery had kidnapped the villagers and the King's son brought them back, Sir Jeffery left a friend of his in the kingdom: Selfishness. Selfishness started telling the villagers that they should only do... Read More

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Winter Carnival Camp

 We had our first Pro D Day camp of the year on Monday and it was a blast! With a wintry theme, we had just over 70 kids come for a day of singing, awesome crafts and dramatic skits. Games included plunger skiing... Read More

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Kingdom of Serving Hearts Part 1

 We have left behind the Israelites for a few weeks, as they travel towards the Red Sea and are visiting the Kingdom of Serving Hearts. In this kingdom, there is a king and his son and they love each other very... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 13

 The Israelites and the tour group now find themselves in the desert. God told Moses that He would take care of them and provide them with everything that they need. He led them with a pillar of cloud by day, which... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 11 and 12

 The tour group had been told that they couldn't stay in Egypt tonight, because God was bringing His final plague. So the tour group found themselves in the home of Miriam, Moses' sister. She and her daughter were... Read More

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Exodus Chapters 9 and 10

 Many things happened in Egypt. Amelia and the group watched as Moses, over and over, went to see Pharaoh and ask him to let the Israelites go. But Pharaoh continued to harden his heart, so God caused all of the... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 8

Amelia and the tour group were still in Pharaoh's palace. Pharaoh told Moses that he wouldn't let the Israelites go, but God had more plagues up His sleeve. He told Moses to go and stretch the staff over the Nile... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 7

 This week, the tour group learned all about water and how important it was to the Egyptians, specifically the water from the Nile river. The Egyptians worshipped the Nile and relied on it for everything. The Nile... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 6

 This week, Amelia and the tour group were going through Pharaoh’s city. Amelia made sure everyone knew to stay close to her and not wander away, because it was not safe for anyone to be out on their own. Matt... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 5

 Amelia led the tour group back into Egypt and everyone was given a piece of paper and a pencil to draw a picture. But after everyone had started drawing, the various tour group members took all the pencils away,... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 4

 Amelia was sick with Malaria, so her assistant Michael took over. He introduced the group to Professor Felix, a scholar who lived in Egypt. He was very smart and knew a lot of things about Ancient Egypt and about... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 2 Part 2 and Chapter 3

Amelia took the group out again and this time, Moses has grown up into a man and was walking around the land. He saw an Egyptian taskmaster beating a Hebrew. After making sure no one was around, he killed the... Read More


Exodus Chapter 2 Part 1

Things were tense in Egypt as Amelia led the group through Goshen. Pharoah's guards were looking for Hebrew baby boys so they could throw them in the Nile river, which was Pharoah's next evil plan. The group went... Read More

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Exodus Chapter 1

 Amelia Jones and the tour group set off for Egypt today and everyone was very excited. As soon as they got there, they went in front of Pharaoh's palace where they stopped in an outer courtyard. Pharaoh wasn't... Read More


Preparing for the Trip

 This Sunday, Amelia Jones held one more meeting in preparation for the trip through Ancient Egypt. We met a few new characters, such as Miss Casey, a famous actress doing research for her upcoming movie. We also... Read More


Tour Through Exodus

This Sunday was our kick-off into the fall and many exciting things happened. As the kids left the service, they were joined by several "tourists" who were going to a meeting. They were all led by a tourguide who... Read More


Psalm 90

 This week was our last week in the Psalms. After a fun warm up game with the kids, we were introduced to Lucy and her friend, Carl the Camel. Lucy was trying to teach Carl all about Psalm 90, but she got very... Read More